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"I should’ve listened to my gut feeling."

"I knew that was going to happen." 

"I woke up with the answer on how to solve that problem."

Believe it or not, but those are signs that you have intuitive psychic abilities. Because they're usually subtle, you most likely have been using your gifts throughout life without even knowing it. How useful would it be to be able to tune into your intuitive psychic skills and connect with your spirit team whenever you wanted to.

"DEVELOP YOUR INTUITIVE PSYCHIC ABILITIES” is our line of courses designed to help you learn how to develop your intuition and gifts, no matter what level you’re at. We're here to help you embrace the art of trusting your gut and listening to your inner guidance, which will lead you in the right direction, enhance your instincts, and help you navigate those everyday decisions in life. 

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Do Any Of These Sound Like You?

You’ve randomly seen shadows, shapes, sparkles, mist, fog, orbs, lights, color, letters, and/or smoke with your mind's eye or out of the corner of your eye.

You get ideas, solutions, insight, or answers while doing mundane things such as driving a car, showering, working out, washing the dishes, folding laundry, vacuuming, reading, or mindlessly playing on your phone).

You have been told before that you’re an empath to people’s emotions/energies or have been told that you’re too sensitive by others. At times, you can feel someone else’s mood, emotions, feelings (ie. sadness, anxiousness, confused) to the point that you confuse it as your own. 

You hear buzzing, ringing, or a high pitch sound in your ears sometimes, that appear to come out of nowhere (and there is no medical cause that you have). 

You have suddenly received the smell of a deceased loved one's cigarette, perfume, recipe, or dish they used to make when you’re thinking of them.

When you think of a person, you might get a certain taste in your mouth (ie. think of grandma - you taste the brownies she always made).


These are all different signs of psychic abilities!


The Entire Intuitive Psychic Abilities Course Series

During This Program, You Will Learn:

  • Different modalities & tools that can help you tap into your abilities 
  • Find ways in which your spirit team (angels, spirit guides, and loved ones in the afterlife) communicate with you and develop a stronger connection with them 
  • Distinguish between your logical mind and your intuition talking 
  • What each of the 6 Psychic “Clairs” abilities looks like 
  • Myths & Misconceptions on each of the 6 Psychic “Clairs” 
  • The ethics & professionalism of using your gifts 
  • Accepting your gift & reawakening them if they have been repressed 
  • How to turn your gift on and off so your senses aren’t overwhelmed all day 
  • Find what chakras are associated with each Psychic Clair ability 
  • Figure out what to do when you feel discouraged, get mental blocks or self-doubt, work through plateaus along the way, and how to trust yourself with the information you receive
  • Discover different ways you receive the psychic inputs you can get, learn to translate the inputs of what you’re getting and translate it in a way that works for you 
  • How to view and filter energy as feelings, vibrations, colors, images, smells, and/or tastes 
  • How to control & create boundaries and have energetic psychic protection with your gifts

Are You Ready To Learn & Develop Your Gifts?


The Special Package Course Includes:

  • Weekly Content

    6+ hours of original video content, plus journal prompts to help you get through each lesson (2+ hours for each individual courses

  • Future Access

    Lifetime access to any future updates or upgrades on this course

  • Exercise Activities

    To help grow and develop your skills

  • Chakra Meditation

    To balance your energy points and clear blockages, enhancing your psychic connection

  • Community

    We provide access to a private online Discord community & Facebook group where people can connect and practice on each other through

  • Access on mobile and computer

    Available on the go, wherever you are


Modern Psychic Medium, Reiki Master, Tarot Reader, & Intuitive Healer

Maria Hill

Maria is Co-Founder and Head of Creative at The Happy Healing Shop, a metaphysical & lifestyle company that believes in bringing people comfort, closure, clarity, and guidance in a safe and comfortable environment while illuminating their own path. She is our lead psychic medium, who can tap into and convey messages and insight from the other side of the afterlife - whether it's a friend, loved one, or your spirit guides that you would like to connect with. As an intuitive and empathic healer, Maria’s intention is to teach and combine her techniques and abilities to help heal others and to empower them to find their own strengths and to tap into their own natural gifts.

Course Prices

Individual Courses: $59.99/each

($60.00 discount!) 


"Clear seeing"


Psychic Sense of "Clear Knowing" or "Inner Knowing"


Psychic Sense Of “Clear Feeling” or “Clear Sensing”


Psychic Sense Of "Clear Hearing"


Psychic Sense Of "Clear Tasting" & "Clear Smelling"


(Frequently Asked Questions)

  • What Psychic Gift Do I Have? How Do I Know Which Course To Take?

    Learn the six different types of psychic gifts, which ones you have, and which course is recommended by taking our free quiz at It can help you determine which of the 6 courses to take, or you can purchase the entire course package at a discount.

  • How Can Developing Intuition & Psychic Abilities Help Me In Real Life?

    Developing your intuition psychic abilities can help you to get in touch with yourself and your higher purpose, and it can also help you make better life decisions because you're more in touch with your higher self, your soul's purpose, and being able to pay more attention to things. It can include feeling warnings, being able to follow your gut instincts about situations that can lead you to other positive things in life, being able to better deal with interpersonal relationships such as family and ancestral healing, and getting through the tough things that come up in life (because your perspective will change when you know how to use your inner gifts). Some examples include: being a parent who can read the needs of their baby/children more quickly and easily, being a teacher who can tell something personal is going on with their student even if they didn’t say anything, being a spiritual healer who can hone in on the negative energies in a person, and being a detective who can read people well and read between the lines on what’s not being said.

  • Who Is This Course For?

    This course is for anyone at any level who is open-minded and would like to experience, grow, and develop their intuition & psychic skills.

  • How Do I Know If I Truly Have A Psychic Gift?

    As with all psychic development, it just takes a bit of practice and patience. Psychic abilities are pretty subtle, especially when you start out. Imagine a whisper, instead of a spirit full-blown yelling words aloud to you. Also, a big step is to trust yourself there is some sort of psychic ability within you that may just be dormant. With time, practice, and most importantly the intention, and the trust to go through this journey of uncovering a psychic gift, you will start to become aware of things that maybe you just tuned out because you were in the mindset, or the path, or the point in your life where you'd be open to these types of things. Many people have psychic gifts and simply tune them out because they're too distracted, trying to survive in this world.

  • What If I’m Not “Psychic” And Wasn’t Born With It?

    Everybody has the receptors in their bodies and in their mind to psychic abilities. That's why sometimes after someone has a really bad accident or someone has a near death experience, their ability to be more psychic turns on all of a sudden. It really is just turning on something that was already there, that was dormant. The way our nervous system is and the way our brains are set up for other dimensional information, all humans have some psychic ability as part of our basic survival instincts such as gut feelings and intuition. Therefore, it's not that you're “not psychic”, it's more of awakening the dormant potentials within you. Everybody has different levels of sensitivity, and that's okay. That's what makes the world go round. Everyone has unique gifts and your gifts may manifest differently from someone else's, and that's beautiful. Over time with practice, just like any ability, you can hone them and learn how to be more proficient.

  • What If I Suck Or Can’t Get It?

    Messages you get are usually subtle and especially when you’re starting out or having a spiritual awakening, it can be difficult to distinguish between the messages you get and your own thoughts. Sometimes the message is just a feeling. Sometimes the message is just one symbol or one word, and we have to learn to not judge those inputs, no matter how small or faint they might be. The very first type of message that a lot of people will start off with is feeling, that feeling of something in their body that they can send something into it. This is something all humans have: the ability to sense energy with their bodies and some have developed to the point where it's a very big psychic gift and others just have it as part of their normal human anatomy, or normal human evolution. It's a defense mechanism to protect us. It's not about If you can't get as much “if you are getting messages”, it's more about learning to be patient and to tune into things that are very subtle compared to our surrounding environment which has over stimulus everywhere. We have to quiet down and hunker down into a much more quiet set of senses and messages that will take time to become loud to us. Again, it just takes patience and practice.

  • Other People Seem More Naturally Psychically Gifted And See Spirits, While I Don't As Much. Is The Course Still For Me?

    Absolutely, because you have no idea what might show up that has been dormant. Also, it can help you understand the metaphysical, which at the very least, will give you an understanding of things like: What happens when we die? How do we have good instincts? What does it mean to have a premonition? It’s learning more about the power of understanding your dreams and other such things, because these are tools that we can use in our lives, whether or not you decide to become a professional, who can perceive spirit energies for example. Not everyone has to SEE spirits in order to be considered professional. Some people are professional mediums but don't see the spirits; they only sense the spirits or just have feelings of “knowing”. In these courses, it’s understanding the various ways that you may have not been previously aware of that you can sense energies of all kinds, not just spirits.

  • How Exactly Do The Sessions Look Like? How Long Is The Course?

    Each week there will be video lectures in addition to short exercises or journal questions for each module. The course is self-paced, which means there is no deadline on when to complete it. It's done at your own pace that you are comfortable with. We understand that life happens and that's why you'll get access to it forever.

  • Where Do The Sessions Take Place?

    All sessions will take place online, that way it can be available for you wherever. You can go at your own pace this way, as well.

  • What Kind Of Technology Will I Need In Order To Participate?

    All you’ll need is a computer or a smart phone with internet. We recommend using a computer for a better user experience

  • Do I Still Get Access To This Program After It’s Over?

    Yes! You’ll get lifetime access to all the content to revisit as often as you’d like, and also any updates to this course.

Discover The Psychic Gifts That Have Been Hiding Within You!

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