Course Description

When a loved one, friend, or even a pet passes away, it sends trauma to the body and shock to your life. The emotions of sadness, grief, depression, and anxiety can be overwhelming, making you feel stuck with the pain from the past.

HEALING THROUGH GRIEF & LOSS  [LITE EDITION -SELF STUDY] is our 6-week self-guided spiritual program designed to help you on your transformational journey. This course is about personal empowerment as well as providing structure and support to get there through our combined methods of intertwining the grounded science of psychology along with metaphysical practices, in which no other course in the world has been able to offer.

Together, we will uncover your stressors to help you through your grieving process, release your emotional pains, feel less alone, heal in a comfortable & safe setting, transform your wounds into your greatest wisdom & inner strength, and guide you along your path in moving forward to live your life here on earth, while still honoring the memory of your loved one. 

Don't wait any longer.

It can get better, and you never have to go through it alone.

Do You Sometimes Or Often Feel Any Of The Following?

“I’m angry they died that way…It’s not fair…”

“I still can’t believe it’s real…”

“There’s nowhere to be, and nothing seems to matter anymore…”

“People and family don’t want to talk about them…everyone seems to have moved on…

“I don’t want to live anymore…”

 “I have problems sleeping…Mornings & nights are the hardest…”

“I feel anxious from feeling the void…”

 “I feel guilty and don’t want to be a downer in conversations with other people…”

“I’m tired of this cycle…”

“I get triggers when I open their mail, see Facebook memories, or see places we’ve been together…”

“I feel overwhelmed and hopeless…”

It Doesn’t Matter Where You Start. Only That You Begin.

– Robin Sharma

During This Program, You Will:

  • Find The Right Healing Plan To Help Get Through Grief 
  • Learn Practical Techniques For Coping Through Crisis Periods Of Grief 
  • Understand Different Forms Of Grief And Loss As They Appear & Discover The Why Behind It
  • See Death And The Afterlife In A Different Perspective
  • Find A Deeper Meaning & Purpose For Life
  • Navigate How To Deal With People Who Don’t Understand Your Loss, Manage Work & Social Situations, And Cope With The Holidays, Death Anniversary, & Other Important Dates
  • Learn How To Deal With Triggers (Ie. Visiting Old Places, Flying Back Home, Etc.)
  • Receive The Support, Reassurance, And Hope Through A Private Supportive Online Community
  • Learn How To Allow Support In Your Life Instead Of Isolating
  • Learn To Identify Unhealthy Habits That Make Grief More Difficult 
  • How To Still Engage In Self-Care While Grieving
  • Learn How To Release Guilt & Fully Forgive
  • Discover How To Recognize Signs From Your Deceased Loved Ones
  • Learn How To Use Meditation To Open Your Spiritual Awareness
  • Find How To Begin Again & How To Design A New Life After Loss
  • Learn How To Continue Your Relationship With Your Loved One And Ways To Communicate With Them
  • Foster Inner Acceptance In Order To Embrace Joy & The Next Chapter


What You Get + Perks:

  • Future Access

    Complimentary access to any future updates or upgrades on this course

  • Original Custom Crafted Guided Meditations

    We’ve created them to help take you through the tough days and to reprogram the mind around each month’s topic

  • Weekly Content

    With 10 lectures of original video content, plus prompts, and PDFs around each week's topic

  • Special Toolkit

    To supplement the course to help document your experience and track your progress

  • Community

    Healing can be lonely; we provide a safe online space through the course platform, as well as a private Facebook group exclusive to course attendees only


  • Virtual Reiki Session

    To help you clear energetic blockages, cleanse the aura, balance the chakras, strengthen emotional healing, and encourage overall well-being

Are You Ready To Dive In, Break Through Grief, Heal From The Pain, and Transform Your Life?

Course curriculum

  • 3

    Week 2

    • Why We Experience Loss & How To Integrate It Into Your Life


    • JOURNAL PROMPT #7 (Drawing Exercise)

    • White Light and Chakra Meditation

    • Learning To Allow Support In Your Life & Preventing Isolation



  • 4

    Week 3

    • What Does The Afterlife Look Like & More

    • What To Expect With A Psychic Mediumship Session & How Does It Work?

    • JOURNAL PROMPT #11 (Drawing Exercise)


    • Modalities & Tools To Connect And Communicate With The Other Side

    • Some Of The Tarot & Oracle Decks We Use

    • Example Of How To Use The Dream Decoder Deck

    • Accountability Assignment (Pendulum)


  • 5

    Week 4

    • Accountability Assignment (Pendulum)



    • Engaging In Grounded/Earthly Self-Care Methods While Grieving

    • Metaphysical Self-Care Methods

    • Intro to Crystals: How Do Crystals Work?

    • 5 Easy Ways To Incorporate Crystals Into Your Life

    • How To Use Crystal Grids

  • 6

    Week 5

    • Creating Your Sacred Space Guided Meditation

    • Accountability Assignment For This Week



    • What To Do During A Trigger, Personal Crisis, Or Breakdown During Grieving

    • Virtual Reiki Session




    • How To Get Through The Holidays, Important Dates (ie. Birthday, Anniversaries, Death Anniversary), & Revisiting Special Places


  • 7

    Week 6

    • Fostering Inner Acceptance, Embracing Joy & The Next Chapter


    • Embracing Your Next Chapter [Guided Meditation]



  • 8


    • Thank you!


Modern Psychic Medium, Reiki Master, Tarot Reader, & Intuitive Healer

Maria Hill

Maria is Co-Founder and Head of Creative at The Happy Healing Shop, a metaphysical & lifestyle company that believes in bringing people comfort, closure, clarity, and guidance in a safe and comfortable environment while illuminating their own path. She is our lead psychic medium, who can tap into and convey messages and insight from the other side of the afterlife - whether it's a friend, loved one, or your spirit guides that you would like to connect with. As an intuitive and empathic healer, Maria’s intention is to teach and combine her techniques and abilities to help heal others and to empower them to find their own strengths and to tap into their own natural gifts.

Course Price

6 Weekly Payments of $37.50 (or $225 total)


(Frequently Asked Questions)

  • Who Is This Course For?

    This course is for anyone who is experiencing grief after the death of a loved one and is open-minded, willing, and ready for healing. It’s also for those who are looking to learn more about alternative & holistic ways of healing through grief & loss such as counselors, coaches, therapists, psychologists, medical doctors, teachers, instructors, family & friends, anyone interested in psychology & counseling, anyone who wants to learn the topic of grief and bereavement, and anyone who wants support other people in grief. We teach the tools that bring healing in many different ways and encourage you to use the practices that you connect with the most. It's important for people understand that at the end of the day we are the ones who heal ourselves, and if we do the work we can truly transform.

  • What is the difference between this "Healing Through Grief & Loss" [LITE EDITION] course versus the regular "Healing Through Grief & Loss" course?

    The [LITE EDITION] is a more affordable option, as it is a self-study & self-guided course. Live group calls, group mediumship, and supplies are not included in the "Healing Through Grief & Loss [LITE EDITION]" course. Because the regular LIVE "Healing Through Grief & Loss" course enrollment is opened 1-2 times a year, the [LITE EDITION] is perfect for those who do not wish to wait.

  • How Exactly Do The Sessions Look Like?

    Each week there will be video lectures covering 1-3 topics in addition to short exercises or assignments due for the week.

  • Where Do The Sessions Take Place?

    All sessions will take place online, that way it can be available for you wherever. Any workbooks, recorded videos, and other resources will be shared on the online course platform so you will be able to access it for life.

  • What Kind Of Technology Will I Need In Order To Participate?

    All you’ll need is a computer or a smart phone with internet.

  • How Much Time Do I Have To Carve Out?

    We suggest putting aside 20-30 minutes each week for the video lectures. Also, an exercise or assignment will be given every , which will take about 5-10 minutes.

  • What Does The Homework Look Like?

    There will be a mix of journal prompts, informational PDFs, meditations, and accountability challenges.

  • Is This Considered A Treatment Or Equivalent To Going To Therapy?

    This is not therapy or a substitute for therapy; it is a self-guided community healing course. We see this work as an important and effective complement to therapy. A gentle reminder: a therapist, coach, psychic, or course doesn’t “heal” you. They share tools and knowledge, while holding space so that you can heal yourself.

  • If I'm Already Seeing A Therapist, Does It Make Sense To Do This With It?

    Only you know what your personal needs are. This course is a beautiful complement to therapy as it offers different tools, perspectives, and learnings from the spiritual/metaphysical aspect as well.

  • Do I Need A Facebook Account For The Community?

    That depends. There will be a community of course attendees on Thinkific, the course platform. However, most people are more active on Facebook. It's your choice if you'd like to be part of the Facebook group but is not necessary or mandatory. This course is for you to be empowered in your own healing with your personal choices and preferences.

  • Do I Still Get Access To This Program After It’s Over?

    Yes! You’ll get lifetime access to all the content to revisit as often as you’d like, and also any updates to this course.

  • Why Is This Program That Long?

    As painful as grieving is, it takes time to process. Consistent baby steps in doing the work, each day, is what will bring healing, change, and transformation. Also in our course, we address the many topics and scenarios that one encounters during grieving, as well as approach it holistically, that it spans over that many weeks.

  • What Are The Pros And Cons To Working In A Community Like This, As Opposed To One On One?

    Both have pros and cons as they have different experiences. Healing can feel very lonely, isolating, and confusing. We believe community is so helpful because it allows a safe space of support from other people doing the same work, who can understand what it’s like going through the same experience.

  • Can I Share Your Content?

    Yes! You're free to share the content and use it in your own work. We welcome it (especially spreading the word in social media, family, & friends), as we are passionate about getting the work out there!

  • Will The Course Price Always Be The Same?

    New content can be added, production improves, and different or new experts are added on based on the feedback we receive from students. As a result, there may be a slight increase in cost for future launches. However, if you are registering now, you will get any future course updates for free.

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